aei progetti is a Florence based engineering consultancy with more than 20 years experience and expertise in structural engineering and design. The practice, established in 1991 by three founder members after individual experiences in different companies, focuses on collaborative design with architects and clients. Our expert and multidisciplinary teams of engineers and consultants, along with their creative, enthusiastic personalities, enquiring minds and creative flair, know how to match our client´s aspirations and specifications with a high quality standard from the early planning process to the completion. Through an early and comprehensive collaboration, innovative approaches can be developed to find original and optimized solutions for every client trying to achieve more than they knew was possible. We try to combine passion for creativity and imagination with analysis and research to deliver outstanding structures and solutions, always seeking to achieve more by using less. After 20 years practice we have never lost our desire to be challenged, applying the same level of complex thought and specialist expertise to every project we work on. In addition to the focus on structural engineering our services also cover geotechnical, architectural consultancy and fire engineering. We are now moving into the area of building physics and sustainability, encouraging our co-workers to continuously look for new challenges across different disciplines and marketplaces being aware that combined knowledge adds value to projects. We owe much to, among others, Andrea Chiarugi and Vincenzo Collina.