Wind loading is an important or dominant factor in the design of many structures, such as tall buildings and long-span structures. Gianni Bartoli, one of the founder partners, is professor of Theory of Structures at the University of Florence and is an internationally recognized wind engineering expert. His consultation with other wind engineering researchers and his activity at the wind tunnel laboratory of the University of Florence gives aei progetti a uniquely informed view on the state of the art. aei progetti is able to provide advanced wind engineering, design and consulting services to architects, contractors, developers and building owners, giving them specifications, supervisions, interpretation and analysis for a full range of wind tunnel studies. Wind loads on claddings, if not carefully estimated, may significantly affect the structural costs. Wind tunnel surface pressure measurements, combined with design skills and wind knowledge, allow us to provide a focused, quality answer. All buildings move, whatever their form, when subjected to wind actions. When such dynamic movements become excessive, as for tall buildings in high wind areas, the structural components are lead to overstressing and fatigue levels. In other cases many towers and bridges are susceptible to wind-induced sway oscillation that, when exceeding certain levels, can cause discomfort to occupants. All such movements in windy weather, self-induced (aeroelastic) wind responses included, can be reduced by outriggers and/or advanced damping systems through software tools able to help our engineers to visualize wind effects and to evaluate the effect of design changes.