The essence, and the challenge, of structural engineering is nearly always to design buildings to be stable, stiff and durable under all their imposed conditions while using the fewest resources possible. By using a multidisciplinary approach, aei progetti is not only able to provide its clients with high performance structures, but can also create designs that ensure elegant solutions aligned with the architects vision and, at the same time, cost and time-efficiency. The use of innovative materials, such as high-strength concrete and carbon fibre, or innovative techniques, such as in-situ post-tensioning for concrete, steel and wooden elements, combined with the analysis of every single detail from materials, allow aei progetti to deliver original and optimized solutions. Advanced finite element analysis enable us to predict the actual behavior of structures in terms of stresses, displacements and motions, trying to assess the static and dynamic responses of structures in order to reach the best performing and reliable solution. Our project can be developed according to all the worldwide codes and regulations (Eurocodes, ACI, ASTM, DIN, etc.). We try to approach every project as unique, as a challenge waiting to be solved.