As aei progetti is based in one of the most earthquake-prone countries, we have significantly developed earthquake engineering since the company was founded. Earthquake engineering is a wide field that encompasses a broad range of specialist skills, ranging from geology, seismology, geotechnical and structural engineering to risk analysis. Thanks to its continuous study of all the most important international researches and seismic codes of practice, a collaborative cooperation with universities and participation in post-earthquake field missions, aei progetti is able to properly answer to the rapidly changing and demanding field of seismic engineering. We carry out extensive and advanced computer modelling to analyze structural stability when subjected to extreme earthquake ground motion and we try to experiment the latest construction techniques and materials to provide innovative and original solutions able to minimize the effect of seism on buildings. Advanced damping systems, such as tuned mass dampers and tuned liquid dampers, viscous and visco-elastic systems and base-isolated structures are some of the modern structural techniques we are experimenting. We believe that understanding how a structure reacts to the earthquake and how such response can be improved could save people’s lives.