A multidisciplinary and integrated engineering approach lead aei progetti to develop an extensive knowledge of a wide range of architectural components, all of them referable to construction technology, enabling us to provide construction advices, consulting services and design to architects, contractors, developers and building owners. We are mainly involved in façades design and in the construction phase of architecture and interior design where our skills of both traditional and innovative construction practices allow to develop fully detailed design ensuring quality and respecting time and costs. Façades are fundamental to create the architectural expression of a building defining its visual impact on the urban environment and they are increasingly important for the energy efficiency of the building and the quality of internal comfort. New cladding materials and systems and manufacturing processing techniques are continually being developed to improve façade quality and to assess their environmental performance. Natural ventilation, shading and daylighting systems with environmental factors such as solar gain, wind flow and weather proofing, are only some of the issues we work on with architects and manufacturers from the earliest conceptual stages in order to provide our clients with high performance façades that would allow a reduction of energy and running costs. Many architectural firms are asking us to elaborate their project at the detail stage; at the same time we are involved in the development of interior construction drawings for several fashion brands.